Configure products quickly, price and quote accurately, and order efficiently

Powertrak CPQ

Maximize your sales performance and speed the quote-to-cash process with sales quoting, ordering, and product configuration automation. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software enables internal sales professionals, and external channel partners and customers to configure complex products quickly, price and quote accurately, and order efficiently.

Add Powertrak CPQ to Macola 10 and legacy versions to automate bill-of-materials and manufacturing orders, reduce quoting and ordering errors, and improve deal win rates.

Powertrak CPQ offers a wide array of quoting and ordering tools to meet your needs. From simple-to-complex configurations, the cloud-based solution enables your prospective customers to make better, more informed buying decisions prior to ordering. For the best experience, provide real-time customization of 2D drawings or 3D product models, freely placing products in a designed environment, and then exploring the final design in virtual reality.

CPQ Solutions Available to Macola Customers:

  • Guided Selling – Sales reps are guided through a highly configurable questionnaire to increase opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, and encourage volume purchases with easily approved quotes.
  • Quoting Software – Create professional-looking sales quotes in minutes and track the status of quotes, invoices and payments.
  • Product Configurator (standard) – A non-visual or static-image approach to generate quotes and orders in a step-by-step, behavior-driven questionnaire format.
  • 2D Visual Product Configurator – Visually see 2D drawings and interactively drag-and-drop add-on parts to configure products.
  • 3D Visual Product Configurator – Visually see 3D models and interactively drag-and-drop add-on parts to configure products and design environments.
  • Virtual Reality Product Configurator – Visualize, interact, and explore three-dimensional products in virtual reality environments.
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