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The Macola Unity Partner Program is designed to provide the necessary on-boarding, enablement, marketing and sales tools, and support to help you drive incremental revenue, maximize profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

Partnering with Exact means a strong relationship with product management, channel management, and marketing management to ensure you get up-to-speed as quickly as possible. See what our partners have to say about us.

Jeff DeSchon, Vice President of iPro ERP Consultants, is excited to share what it is like to be a Unity partner and why he chose to be part of Macola's winning team.

Multi-transformative is the best way I can describe Macola today! The organization is pushing forward into the future with an unrelenting focus on success in the ERP marketspace. Their holistic transformation is revitalizing everything from product and lead generation to enablement, customer service and partner programs. Onward and upward into the future! Great job Exact.
Alison and her new management team are bringing technological innovations in Macola 10 and creative sales solutions which are allowing us to grow our business as a Unity Partner. The new Macola 10 solution is bringing the sexy back to ERP. The revitalization of the Macola brand and the Unity Partner channel approach is bringing increased profits to our bottom line. Alison and her team have been turning challenges of the past into opportunities for the future for both our businesses.
What a change I have seen over the last few years in regard to the product, leadership, partner relations, and customer relations from Macola. It has been an incredible journey, one that I look forward to continuing for many years to come!

Become a Solution Provider

We are actively seeking new solution provider partners who deliver exceptional services and/or complementary business solutions for small and medium-sized distributors and manufacturers. If you’re interested in becoming an authorized solution provider with Exact, please contact us today and our partner manager will reach out to you for more information.

Overview of Solution Provider Benefits

The Macola Unity Partner Program has the following designated tiers for solution providers:

Gold Partner

As a Gold solution provider, and due to your significant investment in time and resources focused on Exact, you will enjoy the highest level of dedicated sales, marketing and technical support, as well as our highest level of benefit and investment, including margin and incentives. Our Gold solution providers show a desire, ability, and commitment to produce at high levels and are handsomely rewarded.

Silver Partner

As a Silver solution provider, you have the ability to access self-service tools and support via the Macola partner portal. If you choose to make a larger commitment to growing their Exact business focus and dedicate resources to meet certain requirements, you will likely be reclassified as a Gold solution provider.

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Executive Sponsorship
Standard Program Margin (based on tier)
Named Partner Account Manager


Qualified Lead Sharing
Deal Registration
Incentives and Promotions
Sales Tools: Quoting, Pricing, Proposal
Account Mapping Sessions
Not For Resale (NFR) Licenses for Demos


Partner Portal Access
Marketing Plan Development
Market Development Funds (MDF)
Marketing Kit: Collateral, Presentations, Scripts (call / email), etc.
Partner Program Identification: Logo, Insignia Badge, Plaque, etc.
Website Presence: Directory Locator
Website Presence: Logo and Company Description with Hotlink
Joint Marketing Programs
Joint Customer Success / Case Study Development
Press Release Participation / Support
Partner Communications
Participation in Annual Exact Customer and Partner Events 2 Free Passes 1 Free Pass


Web-based Sales Training
Web-based Technical Training
Virtual Instructor-led Sales Training
Virtual Instructor-led Technical Training
Instructor-led On-site Sales Training
Instructor-led On-site Technical Training
Shadowed Post-sales Engagements
Access to Product Pre-release and Launch Information (beta)


Technical Call-in Phone Support Enhanced Limited
Knowledge Database


Commission on Enterprise Maintenance Renewals
Commission on Exact Professional Services (applies to solution provider end user accounts)
Exact Software Licences (NFR licenses for internal testing)
Referral Commission

Become a Technology Partner

We are always researching new technologies that align with and complement our core business software. If your organization provides a solution that fills a need in the distribution or manufacturing space, contact us today to start a conversation.

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