Demand Forecasting

Accurately forecast product demand with easy-to-use, integrated software

Macola 10 now offers an affordable integrated demand forecasting solution. The easy-to use software enables your team to create accurate and credible demand forecasts, providing a strong foundation upon which your organization can build its plans and support its Sales and Operation process.

With this powerful and flexible solution, you can automatically generate accurate forecasts, add judgment and collaborate with others, work with your forecasts in any way you wish, effectively review and manage your forecasts, and monitor your forecast performance.

The seamlessly integrated software features:

  • Proven models along with a “best pick” option for creating accurate forecasts automatically
  • Special methods for working with new products, promoted items and one-time events
  • An easy-to-use override grid for adjusting forecasts and documenting the changes
  • Features for working with multiple hierarchies and units of measure
  • Flexible reporting formats including one-click, direct-to-Excel
  • Forecast vs. actual tracking and extensive exception reporting
  • Customizable worksheets that can include external data and multiple forecasts

If you love what you see here, watch a quick tour! Still have questions? Check out the product overview or give us a call.

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