Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is now integrated simply and cost-Effectively with Macola

Many industries, including retail, automotive, medical and food, require the constant transmission of invoice, order and shipment information between them and their trading partners.

Fax and standard mail have become obsolete with the optimization of EDI tools. These technologies have reinvented trading partner communication and the speed of doing business. The benefits of EDI systems are well documented. EDI reduces inventory issues, supports more accurate forecasts and allows trading partners to communicate much more quickly. With little or no need for manual data entry, valuable office resources are also freed up to focus on more important business functions.

A complete EDI and XML processing platform

Leverage a complete EDI and XML processing platform that enables you to achieve EDI integration and compliance in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our solution-oriented approach takes the risk and expense out of EDI integration and compliance efforts.

Take advantage of extensive EDI functionality such as a native ASN solution, third-party warehouse EDI integration, and solutions that enable e-business integration with all of your customers and suppliers.

Everything you need for EDI integration and compliance

You’ll get everything you need for EDI compliance with virtually any trading partner, without third-party tools such as translators, mapping tools and labeling systems. Our all-in-one approach allows for an easy implementation, efficient operation, ongoing managed compliance and premium support.

Control over data movement

You can choose to connect to a VAN mailbox or directly to your trading partners. Our “network independence” means that you have control over the movement of data, thus bypassing unnecessary document and transactions fees.

A scalable and innovative solution

Built on Microsoft SQL Server using .NET development tools, our EDI solution is a scalable, multi-user solution that handles enterprise-level EDI requirements.

File format flexibility

Files can be loaded and integrated from a variety of formats, including ASC X12, EDIFACT, ASCII delimited or fixed position, and XML.