Financial Consolidation

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Financial Consolidation

Advanced Financial Reporting - Powered by LucaNet

Complete Financial Insight, Reporting, and Consolidation

Advanced Financial Reporting - Powered by LucaNet makes it possible to unlock financial data from many reporting tools or information systems. LucaNet can extract data directly from your Macola solution in addition to sources like Excel and other applications in order to enhance financial consolidation processes. Advanced Financial Reporting - Powered by LucaNet is easy to manage and useful for all financial professionals.

Robert Lawson, Managing Director of LucaNet USA: “If you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to have your management information in order. This consolidation solution offers businesses the trustworthy, real-time analysis required for effective decision-making. We’ve built up many years of experience in creating consolidation tools and have created a solution that’s quick and simple to implement. We’re confident that the partnership with Macola will further expand our market reach and ability to support businesses in their operations.”

“It takes me at least 60% less time to do monthly financial reporting through LucaNet. It’s such a unique product that not only works with Macola, but LucaNet is also able to bring data sources from multiple systems into just one reporting tool. As a finance person, it’s a dream come true. Even our IT manager says that he thought the integration would be difficult, but it was a breeze!”

- Kelly Roselyne Finance/Accounting Manager, River of Goods

Seamless Integration and Minimal Learning-Curve

Powered by LucaNet, this advanced financial reporting product ranks best in all of its peer groups for its data integration and ERP integration. The LucaNet platform offers its own script-based ETL functionality to access data sources and transfer data seamlessly across platforms. In addition to its Macola interface and connection, the LucaNet platform provides more than 200 predefined connectors with semantic support to common ERP and accounting systems. Integrations can significantly speed up data migration projects.

Multiple Products

Financial Consolidation

Saves you time and creates transparency. This tool gives you the flexibility that is essential to enable you to deal quickly and effectively with the dynamic circumstances of your market.

Budgeting & Forecasting

LucaNet’s Financial Reporting tool will give you a picture of your financial future as clear as today’s figures.

Management Reporting

Everyone is able to make the right decisions based on a central data source which reflects the actual financial situation.

About LucaNet

LucaNet targets business power users in finance and controlling departments and requires little technical knowledge except for data management (particularly data integration). The product is designed for administration, modeling and creation of planning forms as well as planning functionality in business departments.

LucaNet has been developing financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis software for more than 15 years. The domestic headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Internationally, LucaNet is represented in Germany, Austria, Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Ukraine and China.

LucaNet software products can be applied separately or in individual combinations:

  • LucaNet.Financial Consolidation – Software for legal and management consolidation
  • LucaNet.Planner – Software for transparent planning and efficient controlling
  • LucaNet.Importer – Software for faster data transfer
  • LucaNet.Equity – Software for efficient controlling of equity holdings

LucaNet supplements its portfolio with consulting services and professional training courses on LucaNet products.

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