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Make sales tax less taxing with software for automated sales tax compliance

Simplify Tax Compliance with Macola 10

Whether you’re selling online, want to start a new business, or need help filing internationally, make the task of sales tax compliance easy and efficient. Get help with Tax Rate Calculations, Exemption Certificate Management, Filing and Returns, and more.

Macola offers cloud-based sales and use tax management solutions. These end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate with Macola solutions, providing accurate sales and use tax calculation, painless exemption certificate management, and effortless filing and remittance.

Easy sales tax management for Macola

6 Common Sales Tax Registration and Filing Errors

Compliance isn’t for wimps. Just ask accountants and tax managers. After all, compliance isn’t just number crunching and spreadsheets. Following the sales tax rules of a jurisdiction involves far more than just finding the right tax rate. From product taxability to tax-exempt transactions to sales tax holidays compliance tasks can hamstring even the most efficient operations.

Savvy tax managers know sales tax compliance is a difficult but worthy task. Get familiar with these Six Common Sales Tax Registration and Filing Errors and gain some best practice tips for overcoming them.

5 Reasons Your Company Growth Might be Increasing Your Sales Tax Liability

Nexus — the connection between a company and taxing jurisdictions that triggers a sales tax liability — gets thornier as your company grows. Surprisingly, more revenue can mean more complexity and potentially greater risk of sales tax audit.

Here are 5 areas of sales tax risk relating to business growth:

  1. Entering New States
  2. Bringing New Products to Market
  3. Going Global
  4. Workforce Expansion
  5. Failure to Upgrade Your ERP

Growing a business is complex and demanding. Without managing the sales tax risks engendered by this growth, success might breed errors and audits that undercut the bottom line. Turning to an automated system is one way to shore up compliance as your company expands.

Learn more about the areas of sales tax risk relating to business group and what you can do to address them by reading the free whitepaper Business Gains Audit Pains.

Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies

Are you complying with the increasingly complex sales and use tax regulations?

The new e-book Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies will help you understand the constantly changing world of sales and use tax regulation and your responsibilities for collecting and remitting tax.

Download this special edition of Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies and learn:.

  • The difference between sales and use tax and how to comply with complex regulations
  • How to determine nexus and what is means
  • How to manage exempt sales to avoid an audit