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Macola now offers a flexible ecommerce platform with seamless integration for ecommerce

Integrated Ecommerce Platform

Macola now offers flexible integrations for ecommerce, web access to customer support, and all POS (Point of Sale) information. These solutions are available to Macola Progression, Macola ES, and now Macola 10 customers and are built specifically to take advantage of all the features Macola products offer. This provides you incredible features like real-time connectivity for inventory catalogs and customer information, built-in storefronts, and support for credit card payments. Increase your efficiency and revenue by linking your ERP and accounting in a whole new way.


Ecommerce means you can link your website directly to Macola and automate the process of handling orders by adding them directly into your ERP system for fulfillment. The integration allows you to get real time inventory updates, order placement, and analytics. The “built-in” storefront integration also allows reorder ability, order tracking, and sales history.

Customer Service - Call Center Software

Web access supports your teams and gives you the benefit of web-based data entry directly by your sales teams, customer support, and any external teams. It automates cross-sell opportunities, integrates credit card processing, and allows up-to-date inventory information. The best part about the customer service module is it allows access anytime, anywhere through Macola’s CRM! This gives your team the best information and increases the level of support to your customers loyal and giving them the chance to continue to order whenever it’s best for them.

Point of Sale (POS)

The POS module offers simple order entry screens in your retail sales environment. You can decrease your individual transaction time and it’s integrated into Macola’s ERP system. The integration gives you real-time access into all the customer information and price codes. You can super charge your business by making this available and fully integrated.