Exact Macola

Flexible ERP Software for Distributors and Manufacturers

Exact Macola ERP Software and Solutions

Exact Macola’s ERP software will help you achieve outstanding profit margins in every area of your business. With its low cost per user, you get one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions in the industry. This all-in-one ERP solution can be up and running very quickly, providing you with immediate value.

With the improved extensibility of Exact Macola, customers can take advantage of callable objects that go outside of the normal boundaries of an ERP system. Callable objects allow simple scripts to “call” the functions of one program into another. For example, distributors using Exact Macola may want to automatically engage an external process that does an inventory check before an internet order is confirmed. Once that order is confirmed to the user, another object may be called which then creates that order into the ERP system. This replaces the “old way” that relied on manual steps, double entry, and potentially added days to a process. Callable objects in Exact Macola allow transactions with quotes, orders, inventory, master data maintenance and more!