Macola 10.5

New Tablet-Led User Interface.

New Tablet-Led User Interface

The tablet-led user interface delivers manufacturers and distributors an improved user experience across devices. The release also has improved visibility and 3rd party control across the supply chain. With Macola 10.5, Exact continues the focus on real-time insight into both inventory and the shop floor, as well as increased efficiencies through reduced data entry and faster search. Macola 10.5 offers over 100 enhancements & quality fixes while advancing Macola’s core principles: out of the box configurability, integration between business functions, personalizable views, anytime and on any device.

Responsive Design

The new user interface provides for an enhanced tablet-led experience. Responsive design automatically adjusts to format for the best user experience on any device including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Increase Efficiency

The new user experience allows for more information at your fingertips while increasing productivity. Do more in less time, find what you’re looking for, get more done one screen, reduce data entry, decrease errors, faster search.

  • Type ahead search - Less data entry, quickly find what you are looking for. Search by customer name or account number
  • Infinite scrolling - Ideal for faster and easier searching—especially when searching via tablet
  • Sortable table columns -Real-time information sorted the way you want it
  • Responsive design - Automatically formats to fit the screen your viewing. From desktop to laptop, and everything in between, see your data better.

Real-Time Order Entry

Create, delete and edit orders and quotes in real-time at your desk or on your tablet

Responsive design allows for use on tablets and other mobile devices as well as a web browser. View, add, delete or edit orders in real time, wherever you are.

Watch the Real-time Order Entry Video

Order Inquiry - One Place To View Order Detail

A single screen to view, delete and edit orders

A single screen to more quickly and easily find the information you’re looking for—no more going in and out of multiple screens for info. Search by type (quote, order), order status (open, history, closed). Edit order or delete and sort however you want. By order type, date, order status.

Watch the Order Inquiry Video

Item Snapshot - Item Inventory At Your Fingertips

A comprehensive view across multiple inventory locations

  • Search across multiple locations / divisions for a single inventory item
  • Search by: Division / Item / Description / Location—all in a single screen
  • Drag & drop fields to personalize to one’s needs
  • Product Usage Trends: Arrange, reorganize how you want, add filters

Watch the Item Snapshot Video

Smarter And Faster Supply Chain

API / Web Services = Smarter, Quicker Supply Chain.

Seamlessly integrate your supply chain with 3rd parties. API / web services enhancements provide for improved 3rd party integration and supplier/partner interaction. Improve supply chain visibility and inventory accuracy by integrating in real time with 3rd parties.