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Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring — included with Macola 10 — monitors your business data and automatically executes actions you define when triggers are met. With Business Activity Monitoring, you can solve challenges in every part of your business, leading to decreased costs, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and even higher revenue.

Business Activity Monitoring scans your internal operations — as often as once per minute — and can send email alerts, generate customized reports, update databases and even initiate workflows. It can even monitor multiple data sources at the same time and trigger multiple actions.

Even better, with Macola 10, the number of events you can define is limited only by your imagination!

Business Activity Monitoring saves money and recoups “lost dollars” by catching sales opportunities that would have otherwise slipped by, reducing receivable write-offs and increasing collections. Even in its simplest application — running reports on a regular basis — Business Activity Monitoring saves time and money compared to burdening your office staff. It also completes these tasks with greater accuracy, reliability and consistency than when performing manually.

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