Flexible ERP Software for Distributors and Manufacturers

Ease of Use

One of the key -- and certainly most visible – ease of use features in ECi Macola 10 is the configurable workspaces. These workspaces use multiple visual elements to turn data into consumable information that can be used to make informed business decisions.

Right out of the box, ECi Macola 10 allows you to take advantage of preconfigured workspaces for several different professional roles. Or, within a few minutes, you can configure the workspace to meet your individual needs – no development or consulting time needed!

This modern, intuitive interface aims to provide the same user experience across client/server, browser-based and mobile platforms. Furthermore, this new interface generates smart, contextual menus, offering users options and data that are contextually significant. In other words, it shows the right menus at the right times and enables you to take action directly from that screen.

The power of the configurable workspace is that it helps you interpret multiple points of information, quickly, all from a single screen. With highly customized, fully configurable workspaces, you’ll have the right information at the right time, giving you what you need to make the right decisions and take appropriate actions.

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