Macola 10.7

Enhancing Order Entry, Inventory & Supply Chain Management.

Enhancing Order Entry and Improving Extensibility

With a continued eye on improving the user experience, Macola 10.7 offers customers the convenience of accessing and analyzing data both in real-time and “at a glance,” giving them critical status updates at every step in the supply chain process. Taking into account the needs of its manufacturing and wholesale distribution user base, Macola also streamlined key processes within the platform, such as order entry, billing selection, searching and filtering orders, quoting and creating credit memos.

Macola 10.7 offers enhancements and updates that help to advance Macola’s main principles: visibility and control of enterprise processes; configurable views into real-time data; integration between business functions; and accessibility at any time and on any device.

Doubling Down on User Experience and Streamlined Processes

Continued Focus on User Experience – focusing on the UX, 10.7 has incorporated convenience features such as “at a glance” status indicators that instantly let customer service personnel determine the status of orders. 10.7 has also redesigned one of the more complicated aspects of Macola 10—the “features and options” configurator—which has been dramatically simplified to increase speed and simplicity when getting orders into the system. Finally, with 10.7, customers who use multiple divisions can now simply toggle between divisions without disrupting their workflow.

Streamlined Processes

To further streamline processes, such as order entry, billing selection, searching and filtering orders, the quoting and creating of credit memos has been streamlined and simplified to closer mimic the way people do their jobs.

An Expanding Ecosystem

Macola 10.7 continues to expand the Macola ecosystem with yet another round of API coverage, including hundreds of new API functions available for systems integrators to use. Macola’s “expanding ecosystem” ensures visibility of real-time data and control of enterprise processes through integrated third-party apps.