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Customer Success Stories

Case Studies

Corvalent - Increased Process Controls Facilitate Forecasting, Drive Revenue Visibility and Spur Customer Acquisition

Corvalent, based in Cedar Park, TX, manufactures long-life, rugged computing systems at the heart of OEM systems and devices, including revision and document-controlled industrial motherboards, single board computers and embedded controllers.

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Nystrom - Realizing $100K in savings by cutting quote creation time by 20%

How Nystrom grew revenue by territory while reducing costs, boosted revenue per employee and increased quantity of quotes by 15% per salesperson with Macola 10.

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Solaire Medical - Real-time Data Visibility Boosts Efficiency, Cuts Inventory 20% and Drives Revenue Growth

Solaire’s search for an ERP solution was fueled by the pain of an archaic, in-house, proprietary software that was geared toward sales and marketing— with manufacturing being a bit of an afterthought.

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Rite in the Rain - Manufacturer Anticipates Freeing $1 Million in Working Capital with Macola 10

The Rite in the Rain story began nearly a century ago in the forests of the Great Northwest. Entrepreneur, Jerry Darling recognized the logging industry’s need for a durable material that could be written on and survive in poor weather conditions.

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Glemco - Replacing the Month-End Report with Real-Time Data

Before implementing Macola 10, accomplishing daily tasks was challenging for many Glemco employees. Their legacy software required users to have several screens open at one time; and navigating among so many screens was cumbersome and inefficient.

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Haydon - Robust Visibility into Orders, Inventory and Production Transforms Haydon Corporation’s Service to Customers

Prior to the implementation of Macola 10, Haydon struggled with the ongoing issue of backorders — a challenge that cost the company time and money.

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RiteWay - RiteWay Manufacturing Doubles Revenue in One Year with Help from Macola

For many years RiteWay Manufacturing operated as a successful company, proudly serving FedEx as one of its largest clients. They even expanded their business to accomodate future growth.

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Success Story Videos

InterFlex Group - Streamlines and Boosts Efficiency in Customer Service by Using Workspaces

Hear how Adrian Alday, VP Finance with the InterFlex Group has used Macola 10 to centralize and leverage headcount in their accounting group and how the use of workspaces increases the efficiency in their customer service group as well.


Aerospace Industry - Leverages Role-Based Security with Macola 10

Mark Helms, Director of Business Analysis within the aerospace industry, discusses how Macola 10 has modernized their ERP system and easily modeled their current business systems and processes.

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G.L. Mezzetta Inc. - Implements Processes that Raise Quality Standards and Make the Business Smarter

Watch Don McCall, Director of IT at G.L. Mezzetta, Inc, discuss their success with Macola 10.


Grace Engineering Product, Inc. - Macola 10’s Robust Bill of Materials System Helps Grow its Business

Philip Allen, President, Owner and CEO of Grace Engineered Products, Inc , discusses his experiences with the Macola 10 solution.


Rite Way Manufacturing - Macola Expedites Close Time on Jobs

Denise Johnson, President of Rite Way Manufacturing, discusses her experiences with Macola.