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AP Invoices - Meet Your Match

If you enter vendor invoices into Macola on a regular basis, you should be using the A/P Voucher workbench customization. It will improve the efficiency of entering vendor invoice data, simplify three-way matching, link A/P invoice documents, provide better traceability on the purchase to pay process, and automate the G/L matching process of PO receiving transactions to linked, posted A/P vouchers.


  • Reduce invoice processing costs – realize significant time & cost savings
  • Reduce errors & improve accuracy
  • Replace manual data entry
  • Replace paper-based invoices
  • Integrate with Macola 10
  • Easily search liabilities & payables
  • Enable traceability
  • Integrate with general ledger

Example Cost Savings:

Without AP Automation:
10,000 invoices x 5 minutes per invoice = 833 hours

With AP Automation:
10,000 invoices x 2.5 minutes per invoice = 416.5 hours

**Time savings could vary, with the possibility to receive up to a 70% reduction in processing time.

AP Automation Addresses the Following Issues:

  • Large volumes of transactions arriving in different media and formats
  • Challenges in identifying the right data to extract and enter in the financial system of record
  • Discrepancy resolution and approval workflows that reach to the edge of the organization, and the need to ensure the highest integrity