Custom Solutions

Macola 10 Extended Functionality Custom Solutions

Support Desk

Tracking IT support activities can be a challenge for any business whether you have a 10 person IT department and need to manage dispatching multiple resources to assist users in multiple departments, or you’re the one-person show and are responsible for everything that has a power cord, it’s important to have an easy to use system to track those activates. The Support Desk Extension for Macola 10 allows you to easily let users interact with IT support and capture key metrics about the types of problems that are happening and the solutions for those problems.

Key Features:

  • Uses Workflow Request to let users enter tickets for themselves or others and tickets are routed to the appropriate Support Desk resource
  • Configure problem codes and resolution codes that are applicable to your business
  • Pre-configured document types that allows your Support staff and business to develop a knowledge base so users can have access to self-service help documents
  • Comes with three Workspaces for users, support staff, and managers all designed for the people in each one of those functional areas to easily and quickly interact with the system
  • KPI reporting on key areas such as overdue tickets, ticket response time and much more
  • Track assets (such as laptops and phones) that are assigned to employees and link specific hardware to a support ticket
  • Auto create tickets from emails that are sent to a specific inbox that you define
  • Users can subscribe to tickets and get notifications when an update is made

Maintenance Management

This extension allows you to setup maintenance plans based on time or usage for machines and equipment that are out on your shop floor. It utilizes the workflow engine and activity monitoring system to issue work orders based on rules that you define. Emergency work orders may also be manually entered and assigned to maintenance staff. The Maintenance Management extension lets you manage all of the work that is happening to keep your floor running smooth by tapping into your ERP data and utilizing your existing Macola modules where your data already lives.

Key Features:

  • Ties into Assets module
  • Allows rules dictating when maintenance is needed to be established
  • Business Activity Monitoring auto creates work orders and notifies when service is needed
  • Maintenance Managers can assign work to technicians and track metrics around completion time
  • Manage spare parts needed for repairs
  • Store and manage warranty information and other documentation from original manufacturer of equipment

Custom Workspaces

Custom Workspaces has been designed for the following functional areas: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Shipping and MRP. Custom Solutions offers impressive performance gains by creating more dynamic workspaces, that include detailed graphs and charts as well as improved ease of use.

Key Services:

  • Immediate. In 30 minutes, it jump-starts an implementation of Macola 10, leveraging all of the software’s key capabilities: workspaces, core ERP, workflow and document management
  • No training necessary. Immediately enables a company to begin using all of Macola 10’s feature/functionality immediately without any training necessary
  • Live examples. Gives workspace power users great examples on how to use the combination of features available in Macola 10
  • 10x Faster. ASPX-based workspaces renders data 10x faster than SSRS counterparts
  • Workbenches. The ASPX-based workspace packet also showcases the emerging use of transaction entry-based ‘workbenches’ in a Macola 10 installation

AP Automation

If you enter vendor invoices into Macola on a regular basis, you should be using the A/P Voucher workbench customization. It will improve the efficiency of entering vendor invoice data, simplify three-way matching, link A/P invoice documents, provide better traceability on the purchase to pay process, and automate the G/L matching process of PO receiving transactions to linked, posted A/P vouchers.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce invoice processing costs – realize significant time & cost savings
  • Reduce errors & improve accuracy
  • Replace manual data entry
  • Replace paper-based invoices
  • Integrate with Macola 10
  • Easily search liabilities & payables
  • Enable traceability
  • Integrate with general ledger

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