Custom Solutions

Macola 10 Module Service Custom Solutions

CRM Starter Pack

Are you new to Macola 10 and want to get rolling brand new with CRM functionality. Or are you considering dumping your existing bolt-on CRM for a system that is fully integrated with your Macola 10 ERP but just aren’t quite sure how to move forward. The CRM Started back is a multi-day consultant led “crash course” that gets you setup and ready to deploy CRM as well as gets your staff trained up on the core functionality while tailoring the processes to your unique business.

Key Services:

  • Basic configuration of CRM module (includes master data pertinent to your specific industry or business)
  • Establish opportunity cycle(s) that meet the needs of your sales representatives
  • Setup up sales funnels
  • Setup and configure phone queues
  • Setup and configuration of business critical workflow automation to help track key performance metrics and help your sales staff stay on top of customer and prospect interactions
  • Setup document types to support customer interactions and can be utilized with the Office Integration tools
  • Configure default workspace(s) for sales representatives
  • Establish workflow automation for customer service staff to track customer interactions
  • Configure default workspace(s) for customer service representatives
  • Train Staff on how to use your new CRM system
  • Overview of import and export tools, reporting/data mining, and data cleansing options

Document Management Starter Pack

In this crash course on document management in Macola 10 you will learn how to start utilizing the capabilities that you have in Macola 10 today to start wrapping your arms around managing all that paper!

Key Services:

  • Evaluate document management needs (for example, ISO requirements or engineering management)
  • Setup and configure document types to support needs
  • Configure metadata links on documents to tie documents to all your important business transactions for easy retrieval
  • Setup and configure document scanning automation to streamline filing large stacks of paper
  • Install and configure Office Integration tool for users
  • Train staff on how to utilize document management
  • Train key team members on how to administrate and manage documents

Workflow Automation Starter Pack

Having trouble getting workflow management rolled out to your organization? Or perhaps just haven’t had the time to dig into all that the module has to offer? This starter pack will help you get your workflow automation initiatives off the ground and will establish business critical workflows that will help you to start realizing the full power of your Macola 10 investment.

Key Services:

  • Define business critical processes with Key stakeholders and determine candidates that are a good fit for workflow automation
  • Create visual flows for those processes
  • Map out what data needs to be on the processes and what people/groups they need to be routed to
  • Configure workflows to support the decided upon business processes
  • Train key users on how to modify/create workflow requests
  • Train end-users in how to manage their personal workflow and interact with the requests

HRM Starter Pack

Everyone is using at least a small piece of HRM in Macola 10 and maybe don’t even realize it. Every user that is setup has an HR record tied to them. While Macola doesn’t require much information to be entered for system access purposes, there is an amazing amount of HR power right below the surface. For instance you can track applicants before they ever become employees. Or you can store competencies and certifications and even track performance reviews and ratings.

Key Services:

  • Define business needs for HRM tracking and identify what areas of HRM are best suited for use at your organization
  • Establish job titles and job roles
  • Set up competencies
  • Define Vacation requests and allocation
  • Setup reviews and testing
  • Train HR employees on using new features