ECi Macola offers various training courses for our various products

Your ECi investment will be maximized, and your staff will gain a greater command of the processes that keep your business on track. Maximizing a software investment means that the technology not only functions properly, but is well-understood, so that employees can focus more on improving high-value business processes and procedures, and less on executing daily tasks. ECi Education and Training gives organizations the opportunity to capitalize on their technology assets with high-quality courses to ensure a better return on investment.

Types of Training We Offer

  • ECi Macola Learning Pass
  • Recorded videos and courses
  • Full Support of your initial implementation
    • Learn at your own pace
    • Available 24/7/365
    • Ramp up new hires/role changes quicker
  • 48 on-demand videos available offering 96 hours of training
Our On-Demand Training approach provides a convenient access to more than 220 self-paced training sessions, designed to help you learn and master specific tasks at your own pace, on your own schedule, from your own workspace.