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Product Updates

Your business never stands still. Neither does ECi. That’s why we continuously update our business software solutions. This allows you to keep on using your software in an optimal way. We provide regular updates for our products, several times a year.

New and improved functionalities

With an update we improve the use of your software. Current functionalities are improved and, in most cases, new ones are added.

Controlled Release Phase

Before an update is made available to all customers, a select group of customers works with the update for a considerable amount of time, under our supervision, so that we can monitor whether the update meets the market’s requirements and wishes.

Release information

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Valid maintenance agreement

ECi product updates are only available when you have entered into a maintenance agreement with us. The contract has been signed when you purchased our software.

Not in the possession of a maintenance agreement yet? Enter into an agreement with us by calling our Customer Service at 1-877-392-2879 during office hours.

Product developments

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