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Product Developments

At ECi we develop our business software based on the feedback of our customers. Besides that we also take relevant market developments into account. To keep yourself up to date, or to give feedback yourself, you can do the following:

Give feedback

When developing our software we take a close look at the wishes and experiences of our customers. By doing this, we can align our solutions to your needs. That’s why we like to hear your suggestions and experiences. As a customer you can notify us through the Customer Feedback Process:

  • Pass your feedback on to an ECi staff member. They will put the process in motion for you, by creating a Solution Feedback Request.
  • Your request will be recorded and forwarded to our specialists.
  • They will go through the request and you will be notified of the result.
You can follow the entire process yourself through the Customer Portal. In case you wish to do so, consult your Solution Feedback Request on your customer card. This way, you’ll know exactly what happens with your suggestion.

Criteria to implement feedback

In order to decide which suggestions we will use in future software solutions, we determined the following criteria:

  • Do other customers give us the same feedback?
  • Will other customers benefit from your suggestion?
  • What are the current trends in the market and in the field of technology?
  • Is it possible to process your feedback in compliance with rules and legislation?
This way we can judge on how your suggestion(s) will benefit all our customers.